(In reference to the story Fowl Leftovers)

You all are the biggest bunch of pussies ever. If I were there I would have punched you square in the face, then faught through the rest of you pussys to get into the recruting office, as if you would have put up much of a fight. you seem to not realize we have to have soldiers fighting overseas to protect our rights, including your all right ot protest. You are pretty stupid if you think stopping recruting will help the liberal cause. You al will just end up turingin our county into a country of fags, hippies and pussies, and we will be takin over by the first nation that feels like it. You dont understand that most countrys (and terrosrists) wont stop attacking because we say "sorry", and "we dont want to fight" and you people are the reason that we are being attacked anyway. The muslim extremests hate not only the fact that we a a succesful country (that part of the conservatives fault) but they also hate the abortions, and most of all GAy marrige. They find that stuff very offensive, and just plain wrong. They thnk we are some kind of wierd evil country because of YOU ALL. The rest of the world sees it, well maybe not France, why cant you all just exept it.


In reference to American Gulag

Wow. I gotta say, you have reached new heights of stupidity with this one. Does it bother you a bit that right now the close comrades of your poor, mistreated (filthy terrorist) captives at Gitmo are holding a young girl captive? She was doing nothing but reporting on the situation in Iraq and is now living on a short clock. They’ll eventually murder the girl to prove a point (though all it will do is put one more shovel of dirt on their collective coffins). I suppose that standing up with the enemies of the free world makes you feel like an enlightened revolutionary. You should learn a little more about the animals you’re in bed with. Any one of those “poor, mistreated freedom fighters” you saw there would slit your throat just as soon as look at you if given a chance. The thing that gives me peace about people like you is that you’re not very bright, and Darwin was right. Eventually you’ll cuddle up to someone who will use you, then end you. I feel sorry for you. I hope it doesn’t come to that and that you see the truth before your ignorance destroys you.


Received January 14, 2006

i think your soo kewl peace we shuld sit in a tree together sometime!!! are you a pagan? im a vegan witch!!! its so cool that rightwingprof is leting me post on hir blog!! gotta go smoke anotherdoobie (this weed is reely good!) Bye!


(In reference to the story Disaster Relief)

I just read your touching story. For some reason I just can't seem to find the problems you are having with WS.
On another note you quoted. "Viola was thankful to be in a real home and I think surprised to find a middle-aged white woman who was so giving, the exact opposite of cruel slave masters like Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the neocons.
If you would look back in history to 1964 when the welfare system came in. It turned the Blacks into what you call slaves as it did some whites. The welfare system was designed to help people get back on their feet not designed to become a life style. The Democratic party told the Blacks that the Republicans were the reason they were having a hard time "Vote for me and life will be easer." When there is free money people will take it. All of a sudden you have a large group that have become dependent on that system. I'm not a Republican or Democratic but I am a white low income male 60 unemployed and still do not go to welfare or get any outside help. Our government wants all of us to be dependent on them just like the Native Americans. As a middle-age white woman I am sure you have not gone around the slums trying to help these people. Have you ever been to a Indian Reservation to see how they live. I would think not. How many 3rd world country have you been to just to see have they live? I bet none. Take a look around this are what governments are all about keeping you down while the other party is tell you "Vote for Me".  What are you doing to stop the drugs that are coming into this country every day? Now you talk about Boobs not Bombs that's cool but what are you doing to support the troops that are making the sacrifice by being in Iraq. One thing for sure I might not support our government but I do support our troops. Did you serve in the military for your country? I think not. Did you go to Viet Nam?  I think not. I have and I did. What have you really done to for your country and the life style you are able to live. Nothing but complain about it. When you have earn the right to complain then complain but not before you have done so.
How many Vets have you gone out of your way to help that have PTSD or birth problem in their children as well as other problems from Agent Orange. Back then you had the draft and had no choice but serve. Unless you ran like a coward. I believed in Viet Nam, we were going to help free a nation. Our government sold us out and shoved 500,000 good men and women in the ground and still counting. But in the end with all the college whiners and criers we were shunned when we came home. For years we were hung out to dry. Walk one step in our shoes and you can beat hell out of our government all you like. I have earned the right and I sure do.
I do not believe in Iraq but I do support out troops 100%. I have a son over there been there 2 out of 3 years. Some of the others on the forum have sons over there. If you have children at least you have no fear that they will have to put their lives on the line unless they just want too. I hope that you never have to live with the worry that so many fathers, mothers, wives, children and grandparents live with every day.
Have a nice day

(Received January 25, 2006)

Dear Miss Peace Moonbeam will you marry me?

Boy, Miss Moonbeam, I so regret leaving San Francisco because I'm not sure if you'd like living in my mobile home in this one-horse town in the middle of nowhere and the damn horse is an old mare with really bad breath, yellow teeth and a prolapsed something-or-the-other because she's been ridden too hard by the local rednecks. I'd give my eye-teeth (if they hadn't been replaced with cheap plastic ones when I was 15) just to be near you, my darling Miss Moonbeam.

I spent the whole of last night just reading your blog. I just couldn't get enough of it. Am I damned to spending the rest of my life in this internet limbo laughing till my ribs ache with longing for you? You torment me with your blissful understatements and double entendres till I am beside myself in a trembling ecstasy of sweaty delight.

I could spend the rest of my life reading about all the wonderful brave and adventurous things you have done - like travelling in a bus with Cindy Sheehan after a Mexican buffet, visiting Paris during the riots, doing peace protests and helping PETA to save minks and especially that sweetly intimate Christmas dinner with your family.

I don't know if I can live without you, my Moonbeam. You are my soul-mate, my kindred spirit. Every moment spent away from you is worse than watching Oprah when I have the flu. I'm not sure how long I can survive just reading your blog especially when you post naughty pictures of your braided armpit hair and unshaven legs.

I want to make babies with you - lots of babies who will all be as cute and chubby as Michael Moore or Ted Kennedy and grow up to be inspiring world leaders like John Kerry and Howard Dean. I know you are fifty something and I'm nearly sixty but, if lesbians can do it with turkey-basters, I'm sure we'll find a way. Peace Moonbeam, my dear heart, will you marry me?

In reference to Senator Aboard, published at Daily Kos (profanities edited)


This troll just burned about 12 hours of their life carefully crafting this steaming pile of sh*t.  

What razor sharp wit, what scathing commentary, what cutting edge humor, what a fu**ing idiot.

by Kevin in Long Beach